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20 July 2014 @ 11:27 pm
It's been a while, Livejournal! Can't believe the last time I posted was last December! :o I decided to post again because I checked through OMNTD, which I also haven't done in a while. I guess you can say that I've been a little inactive on the Kpop side of things--except when it comes to some of my bias groups~ I'm currently drunk with Infinite's Back, which I love to the tiniest bits and pieces ever since their teasers were released! <3

Not much is new, to be honest. I'm a second year student now, active with a leadership position in my org, still going home on the weekends, still a very avid fan of Infinite and Beast and a few others :) I've been a lot busier with academics and org work, of course, but I'm all right~

I have class tomorrow, so I need to end this post soon. I don't really have anything to look forward to this week, except maybe for the release of Infinite's repackaged album HAHAHA My loves forever <3 
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19 December 2013 @ 03:55 pm
Well, after fourteen weeks of my second trimester, I'm finally on Christmas break :) I think these past few weeks have been good, all around. I've adjusted better to university life (I hope), and that's something I really grateful for. My academics are consistent, my friends are wonderful, my extra-curricular activities are something I enjoy very much, and at the end of it all, I'm a happy little bug. :)

This week has been especially happy. I had to go to school on Monday for a single class, and though it's the subject I disliked this entire term because of my prof, his final lecture was quite a meaningful one, and I think my classmates and I made a good choice in attending that last class. On Tuesday I had my final exam for the trimester, and it was off to the local amusement park with my group of college friends. :D That was such a blast~ Maybe because it was our first time together, or because we were celebrating the end of the trimester, but we all had loads of fun being in the place for a total of 6 hours. :) Wednesday, yesterday, I finally got to catch up on my sleep somehow. Then in the afternoon I met up with my best friends from high school and we finally watched Frozen!! Such a lovely movie~ The air was kind of awkward for me because other than us, we were with my friends' college group of friends, too, and that's just something I'm not used to. Then we went to their school's Lantern Parade, which was pretty cool. I still felt a little bit uncomfortable, and the massively large crowds and humid air made it worse--but I was just glad to have spent time with my best friends again. :D

As for today, I spent it watching the last 3 episodes of Heirs, because I'm late LOL. I think it went pretty well~ All good stuff for Eun Sang and Kim Tan of course, but I feel that Won deserved a better ending. :( But oh well, a drama's a drama.

One thing I'm totally looking forward to is the second half of Supernatural!! I still cannot get over how Kevin Tran just died like that T-T Plus all the conflict with Gadreel and stupid annoying Metatron. Not to mention Cas is an angel again, Sam is overrun by a rebellious angel, and Dean is in some deep shit trouble. BUT KEVIN TRAN. WHYYYY. Can't January 14 come any faster please? Season 9 has certainly picked up the broken pieces of seasons 7 and 8, and hopefully this finale will blow us all away without leaving us cliff-hanged~ My brothers and I still think that in the end, everyone's going to be dead =))
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03 November 2013 @ 09:30 am

Well, today's the day!! Tonight, in less than 12 hours, I'm finally going to see my 7 favorite boys after 3 years of waiting! Yep, One Great Step in Manila is tonight, and I CAN'T WAIT! As I listen to my Infinite playlist, it dawns on me that I'll actually be seeing and hearing the boys perform it live and right before my eyes. It's enough to make a fangirl go crazy~

Sunggyu entered Woollim to be part of a band like NELL, he ended up in Infinite. Sungyeol entered Woollim to be an actor trainee, he ended up in Infinite. I continue to wonder how they feel, having been so close to their dream but instead pointed to a different direction, and given something possibly better? I can't define what's good and what's better for them personally, but the group, the fans, the support--I'm pretty sure they're still grateful for it. At the same time, Woollim allows them to reach for snippets of their original dreams: Sunggyu had his rock-ish solo, and Yeollie's had a couple of tries at small-time acting.

I'm so grateful for the fact that Infinite came to be. I'm glad that Tablo and Mithra chose to produce their debut album; I'm glad Come Back Again had been such a hit and allowed them to gain recognition and popularity; I'm glad that their choreographers gave them the scorpion dance that blew everyone off their feet; I'm glad that that Inspirits fought for Infinite's first win during the Be Mine promotional time; I'm glad that after 3 years, Infinite and the Inspirits continue to stand strong.

Although Woollim has made those agreements with SM Ent, and although I am particularly frustrated with it, if it keeps their business running and their groups alive, then fine. I just pray that SM Ent will not touch the Woollim artists' styles and music and taint it just for the sake of earning more money.

How I love these 7 boys, and I hope nothing tears them apart for years to come. For tonight, it's just them and us Filipino Inspirits <3
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11 October 2013 @ 09:40 pm
I remember a couple of months back I wrote about things being an odd sort of calm, wherein I know things are brewing underneath the surface. I was talking about my school things, of course. Exact same description this time around~ My desktop is once again filling up with sticky notes of things to do, deadlines, and schedules of what to do on which day. Midterm week is approaching and so the cycle has picked up again. I have a five-day weekend though, with four more days ahead of me. I spent today mostly relaxed, so hopefully I can convince myself to pick up the pace tomorrow and start on the heavy work XD

In other news, Supernatural season 9 started this past week!!! :D I've watched episode 1 twice and I am loving the entry into the new story :) I watched the promo for episode 2, and I am so excited at how dynamic it looks! The title card with the burnt angel wings and the high-pitched noises is lovely, as expected. The season started with inevitable big drama for the brothers, plus another phase of uncertainty for Castiel, which I cannot wait to watch unfold~ Add Kevin Tran and Crowley into the story and I'm ready to drop everything for the show.

Also, INFINITE'S COMING HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERE! And I'm going to their concert! It's on a Sunday, and I have an 8am class the next day, but whatever~ I've got lower box tickets, and I'm watching with my friend, and I'm SO EXCITED! 23 days left! Woooh, calm down~

Right now I'm trying to remind myself to keep calm. With a growing load of things to do, even with a lot of free time to accomplish everything, I find my head growing stuck, like its being clogged with too much. I can't really explain how literal it feels to me sometimes, but that's just it. I tell myself not to be stressed because there's nothing to be stressed about just yet, so keep calm and carry on (my wayward son)~ There's so much to look forward to, and I can't let my worries get in the way of those :)
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13 September 2013 @ 06:58 pm
I love the feeling of spending Fridays at home, because I love coming home after school before the actual weekend~ So I had only Wednesday and Thursday for class this week, since it's the start of the new trimester, and I guess things are okay. My new professors seem pretty cool, and although the subjects I have now are much more serious and appear to be more difficult, things will fall into place, right? :) The changeover felt way too quick, though, but I guess that's just something I'll have to get used to now. Tomorrow's going to be a pretty busy day, since I have class in the morning until noon, then a birthday dinner to attend in the evening. Thankfully I don't have much work yet, and I can afford to be chill this weekend. :)

There's hardly anything new happening~
Well, BtoB had their comeback and I am liking their new mini album :D I'm also starting to get into Bangtan Boys, but I listen to only two tracks from their new album, and I still don't know the members by face just yet. Oh, and last weekend it was confirmed that Infinite's going to have their One Great Step concert here in November and I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited for it! I'm saving up already, so I hope the ticket prices are released soon <3
Another thing I'm looking forward to is Supernatural season 9, which is going to start on October 8!! I watched the sneak peak video earlier today and asldkfj;alsdkfj please let it be october 8 already :( The fallen angels arc is something I'm really excited for, especially the newfound human life of Castiel, our favorite angel~ I'm also curious as to what's happened to Sam and how the Winchesters plan to resolve what's come undone. Can't wait for this!
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23 August 2013 @ 08:22 pm
This past week has been a little strange, the strangest thing of them all being the weather. So all my classes this week were suspended due to the frightening storm, and it was really a scary thing :| The roads leading to our village gate were also flooded, so I stayed home all week. I feel terrible for everyone who was badly affected by the rains, and I really hope to help out a little bit through my school's relief operations and donations :)

On the other hand, I managed to get a lot of much-needed rest these past days, and I've been very productive with all my papers and projects too :) All my individual papers, I'd finished by Monday, and I spent Tuesday and Wednesday on a full-on School 2013 marathon <3 My classmate got me a DVD of the drama, and I am soooo grateful! I have an undying crush on Lee Jong Suk LOL and I loved this drama a lot :) I also have a copy of his recent drama, I Can Hear Your Voice, so I'll watch it soon, after Monstar :D And I can't wait for his swimming movie with Seo Inguk and Yuri to come out in a few months! Hopefully it gains a lot of attention and is subbed quickly :D

I'm just very thankful for the amount of time I've had to myself this week :) I'm happy I used it well :D As for the week to come, I have school from Monday all the way until the following Sunday (except Friday, because I don't have Friday subjects). Lots of other students from my school complained about the Saturday and Sunday make-up days, but I don't think we have anything to complain about. Final exams start next week, and we need all the time we can get to catch up with the missed lessons. That's my opinion, at least. While it's a bummer to not go home next week, it'll be for a good cause. Plus it means we still get a few days of term break before the second trimester :)

So that's pretty much it for me at the moment. Projects, check! Exam review is next on my agenda, but it just so happens that all my review material, I left at the condo near school :| Ooops. I'll catch up over the coming days :)
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17 August 2013 @ 11:48 pm
Thankfully, things are all right :)
I spent my Thursday night in the study hall of the condominium I stay in, up until midnight just to work on the layout of one paper~ I'm glad that night was a productive one, because that set me a little bit ahead of my planned schedule and gave me a few hours less to work. My weekend so far has been terrific. I arrived home from school yesterday around 5:30, was picked up by my friends at 6:00 pm, and the rest of the night was just full of sleepover fun. Earlier today I went straight to a birthday party for my friend's sister and got to reunite with my other reeeeaaaally close friends. Two of them came over to my house after the party and we spent a couple of hours spazzing and helping one of them with her online quiz review LOL.

And so I started work after dinner tonight and accomplished one paper after 3 hours, which is fine by me, since I'm still following my schedule :) I tried to print some of my finished papers, but we ran out of black ink :( I grew really worried and nervous for a while, because I was hoping to submit those papers on Monday, and I have no way of getting an ink refill tomorrow, but then it hit me: these papers are due two weeks from now. I can be calm and chill and submit on a later day~ So everything's a-okay at the moment :)

I have a couple of big things to start on and accomplish tomorrow, and honestly I'm just really happy that I can still be relaxed :) My friends are laughing at me because I've been stressing on papers that are due two weeks from now, but it's just something they aren't able to grasp fully :| I need to finish all these things early because there are just so many of them :| Plus I need to study for my exams too. I try to explain but they still laugh, LOL that's okay~ I'm happy with my consistent progress, and that's what counts :)
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14 August 2013 @ 11:16 pm
I just really need some time and space to unwind at the moment :| Things are calm on the surface right now, but still waters run deep. Two weeks from now I think I will die. In the time between now and that point, I will be slowly dying until I just implode. Literally half of my laptop screen is covered with that sticky notes program: one for a full schedule of my hell weeks, one for a checklist of all the things I need to accomplish during said hell weeks, and the last one a schedule for my weekend and what I need to accomplish per day.

So finals week is on the first week of September. My professors, all so original, said, "Okay, I scheduled your exam the week prior to finals week to get ahead of your other subjects!" Yeaaaaah, they all said that. And so all my exams are scheduled for the same week. I don't mind that so much as the PAPERS that are due on the exact same week. Group papers, individual papers, a magazine, a video, you name it. All due on the. Same. Freakin'. Week. It's not that I'm complaining--nooo, not at all, I promise! I'm just really worried and very much frightened. Because I stay at a condo, I have this mind set that I'm unable to be as productive as when I'm actually at home. And so I finish as much work as I can when I'm home for the weekends. Now the problem is that I need to accomplish 75% of my work this weekend, because the last 25% is very tedious and time-consuming, and it just so happens that this weekend I'm booked for my friends.

I love my friends so, so, SO much, and I love every opportunity that I get to spend with them--except I'm finding it so difficult to be happy that I'm sleeping over with them this Friday, simply because I have a physical list of things I could be doing on Friday night instead. :| I feel like a terrible person and friend for trying to prioritize my studies, especially because one of our friends is going back abroad in a week and this is our last chance to hang out together. So I'm just really torn :( For sure, I'm going to my friend's house on Friday--there's no doubt about that. It's just this uneasy feeling that I can't get rid of. I hope spending time with them will give me more energy, clarity, and enlightenment to be able to fulfill all my other laid out plans for the weekend~

As for tonight, one of my roommates is already asleep, the other one is taking a shower. I wish I could stay up to keep working, but I need to go sleep too :|
16 July 2013 @ 11:00 pm
What started off as the projected most stressful week of my school year so far ended up falling into good place :) On my desktop screen over the weekend I had two sticky notes filled up from top to bottom with a checklist of my exam, homework, and deadlines sched in one, and my to-do list per day in the other. Turning on my laptop seriously reminded me of how stressed I was. But today, in a lucky turn of events, lots of those items were not checked off, but erased from the note. My big Thursday exam was moved to next week, a graded recitation meeting was announced to be a free cut, and the rest is history.

So now I have a little more space to breathe and recompose my thoughts to focus on the other things I have for this week.

One thing that is getting me by this week is Kpop, though :) I'd been listening to Ailee's beautiful album nonstop since it was released, and I went all-out fangirly today because of Infinite's release of Destiny <3 There are so many things I appreciate about Destiny: the beautiful quality of the music video, the choreography, the styling, the screen time of each member, etc. I also really like the song itself, and I adore the third track on the album too :) Inception has yet to grow on me, but I'll keep listening to it~

I'm also very excited for Friday, for B2ST's comeback! I cannot believe that my top two groups are seriously promoting at the EXACT SAME TIME. They'll be competitors during the music shows, but I love them both and I know they'll each win their own awards :">

Tonight I'll give myself some time to rest, and tomorrow it's back to work :)
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09 July 2013 @ 07:14 pm
Second day of my seventh week, we were dismissed early from our last class since my group finished the experiment early. With nothing to do and no one to spend the time with, I went straight back to the condo and so far I've watched five episodes of HIMYM season 4 in a row :| Tonight is such a lazy night and it feels weeeeiiiiiird. I have nothing required for tomorrow or Thursday, and that totally feels unusual. Except I have my midterm exams next week and a bunch of papers that are due in seven weeks, and I feel like I should work on them RIGHT NOW but I'm sort of enjoying the lazy life?

I seriously feel conflicted, in a completely chill way, and I feel like I need to be as productive as I can be while there's still time :| Sooooo, I might start working after this post~

On another note, my friend from abroad is coming to visit! I'm going to see her on Friday and Saturday, hopefully :D That's something I'm totally excited for, and that just reminds me that I really need to study early if I'm going to block off my weekend :o

All right, all right. Off to work! It's time to be a productive college student XD
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